Our anti-dust mats are suitable both for indoor use and for outdoor use under cover. They are easy to clean, thin and supple enough to slide beneath doors, and suitable for all situations and surfaces.
Most are made of fibres with excellent water and dust-absorbing properties. The mats for use in the home offer the perfect combination of aesthetics and ease-of-maintenance.

They’ll add a stylish touch to every room in the house.

Made in highly absorbent fibres and with printed designs that don’t wear. The coconut matting and foot scrapers in coconut fibre are naturally absorbent, rough-textured and hard-wearing.

Designed to rid your soles of fine mud particles, dust and moisture, they are made to be placed outdoors, under cover. The foot scrapers are designed to remove mud and gravel from shoe soles and can be placed outdoors in exposed areas. They add a decorative touch to your entrance.